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Dearest Kate, my experience with you was so good and so good for me. The technique and equipment you use for internal cleansing is so important. I have been enjoying colon therapy for 25 years and never experienced anything like what you offer. May you continue to heal and save lives.



Dear Kate, After 6 months attending your clinic for monthly colonic therapy and weekly infrared Saunas I would like to introduce you and your staff to the "New Me": • I am 6 Kilos lighter • My waist line has reduced 3 sizes • My cholesterol has reduced from over 7 to 4.2 without medication • My blood pressure has stabilized to 125/70 without medication • A constant rash I had on my forehead and down the sides of my face has gone • No more bloated stomach and gas • An overall feeling of well being and increased energy I have suffered from ongoing heart, blood pressure and high cholesterol problems for 20 years and now feel better than I have in that time "65 is definitely the new 40". What more can I say along with the new me and a new life style I look forward to good health and well being and a much longer life. Finally I wish to compliment you on the very professional way you deal with your clients. You are very knowledgeable, very discreet and nobody needs to be concerned or embarrassed when contemplating visiting your clinic. Give it a go and enjoy a new healthy life.



Colonics definitely played a big contribution to healing my eczema and skin allergies. I would recommend it to anyone with skin problems to have a few colonic sessions up front and then maintain this on a monthly basis to ensure you are itch free and clear skinned.



The first time I walked into Kate Forbes’ consultation room, I was a 49 year old, 130kg stressed out over weight Executive (in one of South Africa’s most successful household name companies). I’m sure I was well on my way to a heart attack or stroke, because I wasn’t feeling at all well. Now – six months later, I’m still 49, still an Executive, but a whole 18kgs lighter, a LOT fitter, and living life the way it was meant to be. While my job is still pretty stressful at times (it’s that kind a job) personally I’m no longer at all stressed. That first time I had a colonic though I have to say I was pretty nervous – the thought of having a pipe pushed up a certain place was pretty nerve racking. The reality though was nothing like the imagined horror. It was really nothing to write home about. The tube was about the size and length of my little finger and was no real intrusion. Kate is very friendly and professional. She explained how the system worked and was with me the whole time, ensuring I was comfortable, understanding the process, and inspired to continue with a healthy lifestyle. There was NO embarrassment and very little discomfort. The system itself is quite simple – basically once the tube is in place, your colon gets slowly filled with water, and you pass the waste and water through a tube directly down a drain, no mess of fuss!!!!. It’s no big deal. The place is extremely hygienic, confidential, and relaxing. You actually feel right at home and forget where you are. After the second one I could suddenly taste food again as I began to absorb it properly. Salads and fruit started to taste fantastic, and I found I really wasn’t that interested in the junk I used to eat and drink. If you’re reading this – stop worrying about it – just go do it – you won’t regret it.



Kates's services was used extensively during a period where the company was going through cultural change, expansion, growth issues, a retrenchment policy and there was huge amounts of negativity within the organisation which included the blue collar workers Download Spartan Testimonial (PDF)


chief executive officer

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